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Ton de Rooij works in automation since the start of his career. He has studied business economics at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Amsterdam. He has a broad knowledge in the field of business economics and computer science. More specifically he has knowledge of:

  • business economics with emphasis on administrative organisation
  • computer science with emphasis on architecture (information architecture and business architecture), business modeling (business process modeling and data modeling), databases, data warehouses and business intelligence
Ton de Rooij is involved with the business view on ICT. He works in the role of information architect. He advises in the field of setting up databases and data warehouses, and advises generally in the field of computer sciences. He develops and lectures workshops, and is author of several books.

His activities for advising and being involved in executing work are:

  • supporting transitions (integrating data of more than one organization, and the transition to new software for the core business processes, along with the problems this constitutes)
  • everything an information architect, or business architect, does: guarding the links of the information support with mission, goals, vision and strategy of the organization. In addition to this information planning, information management, quality assurance and the verification of analysis and designs. Furthermore providing guidance of analists, designers and user groups
  • aiding with choosing standard software
  • supporting clients, who are involved in IT projects with taking decisions
  • developing business models
  • making data models
  • supporting groups that are involved in making data models
  • verifying data models for correctness, completeness and being in line with other information systems (operational systems - but management information systems as well).
  • giving support to clients who have problems with the interaction between administrative organisation and ICT
He worked for government institutions, semi government institutions, industrial companies, businesses and health care.

He has made workshops about the subjects requirements specification, data modeling, database design, data warehouses, business intelligence, SQL, object oriented analysis, UML, local area networks, a method for system development and the alignment of system development with administrative organization.

Descriptions of some of the workshops he has developed and which you can attend (with him as your teacher) yourself are:
workshop SQL (English spoken)
workshop Database Design (only in Duthc)
workshop Datamodeling / Information analysis according to the Entity Relationship model (English spoken)
workshop Modeling business processes according to ACTIMOD (Dutch spoken)
workshop Datawarehouses and Business Intelligence (Dutch spoken)
workshop Requirements Specification (Dutch spoken)

The books he wrote are about information analysis, database design, SQL and business intelligence.

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